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Fall 2019 "Choose Your Own Adventure"

By Coach Kear , 08/26/19, 11:45AM CDT


Here at Bamalax lacrosse is what we do.   We coach, play and think about lacrosse 24/7/365. It is our goal to promote the game of lacrosse through individual instruction and team practices.  We provide the opportunity for players to play with new teammates and to play for new coaches in a creative and stress free environment that promotes creativity and love of the game.  

We also understand that the fall is technically the “off season” for lacrosse players.  We understand that they have many other interests in their life and we could not be more supportive of that.  It is healthy and at times necessary to take a break from the things you love so that you can appreciate them more when you return to them.

      With that in mind we have created “choose your own adventure” fall program.  We have 3 different programs and we hope that at least one of them will provide what you are looking for in an off season lacrosse program!

The first is our Sunday play days.  We will get together on Sundays in September and October to play 7V7 lacrosse.  The goal here is to have fun playing lacrosse. Coaching segments will be limited and we will roll the balls out and play.  The kids will be encouraged to take chances, be creative, aggressive and learn through making mistakes in a stress free environment.

The second is our positional academies.  Players will sign up based on position and will be able to work on the skills that are most relevant to their position.  Each academy will have a maximum of 4 players per session – 2 for goalies  – and will be coached by the best coaches in Alabama at those specific positions.

The third is team tournaments.  We will be taking Bamalax teams to 2 tournaments this fall.  The Cahaba Clash in Birmingham and the Gobble Gobble Games in Georgia.  We will have 3 practices for each age group & tournament.  

  We are excited to get started with our fall lacrosse program and hope you will join us!